5 Ways to Maximise your Brand Awareness with Custom Face Masks

Custom face masks, although not the conventional marketing tool, are creating very effective human billboards able to promote your brand to hundreds of people every day. Just when you thought advertising couldn’t be any more in your face… 

We’ve put together 5 creative tips on how to use custom face masks effectively:

1. Word of Mouth

Branded products are the most cost effective way of advertising, using a word of mouth technique to help get your brand out there at just $0.0004 cost per impression. Placing your company logo onto the faces of your customers & staff is giving your business hundreds, if not thousands, of thumbs up every day. 

It’s pretty difficult to miss something on someones face so give your brand a front row seat to new potential customers, perhaps even in markets you’re yet to reach. Promotional items act as a rubber stamp of approval that help to your boost brand awareness and trustworthiness. A recent study found that 83% of people found that word of mouth recommendations made them more likely to purchase that product or service.

2. Promotional Gift

We all love a good freebie and promotional products are a fantastic way to get your brand at the forefront of your customers minds to help remind them of your brand or service you offer. 

Face masks can take it one step further. They aren’t stuck in the back of the cupboard or back of a wardrobe but on the faces of your customers. As people continue to wear face masks as part of their daily routine, whether they’re at the supermarket, restaurant or just sitting on the tube, they generate more and more leads for your business every day. 

Remember though, quality is important as promotional products are only useful as long as they’re in use. This could be the difference between being forgotten about or the customer giving you that call back.

3. Customer Loyalty

Finding loyal customers can be difficult sometimes, it can go beyond just providing great service and products. Often we still need another competitive edge to win the battle for their wallet (or purse). Whether you’re a huge multinational or just a start up, gifting promotional products boosts your chances of retaining that customer.

Gifting customers branded products that are used daily significantly increases the amount of interaction with your brand. This makes our new daily essential, the face mask, an excellent promotional product choice. Studies have shown that 89% of customers recall the advertiser, with another 85% saying they’re more likely to do business with that brand in the future

4. Be Professional & Keep Safe

As non essential businesses begin to re-open across the UK, consumers are looking for guarantees that they can shop safely. This means requiring some form of social distancing, providing hand sanitizer and ensuring staff & customers wear face masks. 

Protect your staff and give your customers the confidence that your business is safe and placing health and safety as the priority. So far, Tesco, John Lewis & Primark and others have joined Waterstones & Sainsburys in asking customers and staff to continue wearing face masks. 

5. Huge Demand & Growth Market

Demand for reusable face masks has surged following the outbreak of COVID-19 and the encouragement from governments in order to leave regular PPE for frontline workers. With increased awareness on the importance of protecting ourselves from harmful viruses and air pollutants the reusable face mask market is set to grow to $7.08 Billion by 2027

If you’re a retail store then partnering up with a reusable face mask brand could be a great way to drive growth in sales, increase foot traffic and the potential to create new, loyal customers for your business. With the market set to continue growing, what have you got to lose?

Where to get custom face masks?

Grab your branded face masks from masqd. Simply choose your style, colour and send your logo; our design team will do the rest. 

Free custom printing available and with savings up to 50% on business orders starting from 20 units.

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