Our Story

Our journey began in September 2020, we had both just quit our jobs to return to the UK after living in Vietnam for the past 5 years; unfortunately our timing couldn’t have been any worse. COVID-19 was spreading rapidly throughout the world and the UK was just about to go into a full blown lockdown for the next 6 months. We decided to stick it out in Vietnam and after listening to all our family & friends complaining about face masks we decided to do something about it.

So, come autumn 2020, masqd the brand was officially born with the mission to create sustainable products that will last the test of time and spread the love for mother nature. It began with a widely successful launch campaign, with some help from friends we managed to get ourselves off the ground and we haven’t looked back since.

As environmentally conscious travellers ourselves, we strive to design and produce products that place the environment at their heart. We believe we all have the ability to make a difference, some just need a push start, so we began to organize plastic pick up adventures across the country to help do our part in restoring nature to its pristine beauty.

We’re dedicated to continuously improving our products, supply chain & minimizing our impact on the planet. For a closer look at some of our environmental and socially responsible practices check out our Transparency Report.

Our Commitment

Materials & Performance

Our products are designed to last the test of time. Every decision we make is focused on product performance ­and customer usability.


We only use modern, durable, high performance materials that are animal-friendly. We are constantly seeking new ways to lower our environmental impact during every step of our production process. We believe that sustainability is a necessity, not a marketing strategy.

Eco Friendly Packaging

All our products are packaged in biodegradable and compostable material in order to minimize our plastic usage. At the same time, we are still dedicated to further reducing our plastic footprint with the aim of becoming zero-plastic.


At masqd, we’re always thinking outside the box to find new and inventive ways to improve our materials, designs and product range. We’re not afraid of shaking things up to make things better.

Ethical Practices

Fair trade, global equality and corporate responsibility are vital to our business practices. We work alongside our supply chain to uphold safe, fair, and legal working conditions for all our partners.

Our Team

Reece Gannon

CEO & Founder

Hoang Nhat Han

Marketing Executive


Head of Staff Engagement